Flowers and Hummingbird

Flowers and Humming Bird . Floral Fantasia . Water colour and shiny H 20 paints with gold pen by Carol Renee. Try this style. Draw in pencil then fine permanent ink and colour . Coloured pencils could be used instead of paint. H20s are little pots of iridescent paint used by stampers. To create a picture like Flowers and Hummingbird choose three flower shapes some long leaves some fronds, paisley style, and a butterfly or mocking bird. Remember to put the weight at the bottom of the picture and have a focal point. Balance out your colours. Reminiscent of a paisley design from the 1960sFloral Fantasia

Patchwork Fields Collage .

Patchwork filed collage
Patchwork Fields collage

Create a landscape with a difference. Patchwork Fields

To create a patchwork fields collage choose a landscape photograph , preferably one that you have taken yourself.  Cut the photo into three equal parts and rearrange the order of them. Draw out your new landscape onto good quality watercolour paper.

Your chosen colour scheme

Choose a colour scheme, may be based on your photograph or from another picture that you like or from your own imagination. Block out areas of your landscape and and paint patches of colour.  Wet the sky and paint it adding clouds .When the sky is dry colour the distant hills in a darker colour. Cut out a collection of fabrics and papers of different textures  and arrange them on your painting sticking with a glue  stick. Think about where the viewer will look and remember to include a focal point. This is an way into abstract landscapes which may look easy but are in fact very difficult to achieve.


Create a Vintage China Heart.

Vintage China Heart t Apple blossom
Vintage china heart “Apple Blossom “


Create a Vintage China Heart

It is so sad when you smash a lovely old cup or plate.  Save the pieces, don’ t cry over spilt milk and create this heart from broken china treasures. Wrap them in old fabric and take a hammer to them to create small fragments.

Choose your colours and patterns and maybe find some words. The title  “Apple Blossom” appears  in this one. Stick your fragments on to heavy paper with PVA glue . You have saved all those beloved pieces in a new creation! You need a chocolate box or 3 D frame for your art piece.

Of course you can choose any shape for your china picture. Letters look great and Fish work very well .

Art Encounter. Collage

Art Encounter
Art Encounter Crocodile has a cheeky glint in his eye.

Art Encounter

I have just had an Art Encounter with this crocodile whom I discovered in a Victorian Sunday magazine. I snipped him out and coloured him in watercolour.  Actually he has real gold leaf smeared across his back and snakes skin too. I decided to use an enamel antique clock face because he reminds me of the crocodile in Peter Pan such a cheeky glint in his eye!


Over the years I have collected hoards  things objects that I love and I have discovered that many arty folks collect them too. Old buttons, clock faces and clock parts, fabrics of different colours and textures. , lace and ribbon, marbled papers and old hand written words.

Creating Collage

Creating a good Collage is a time consuming business but so relaxing. So much finding , choosing and arranging to do before your Art work looks just right.

Collage has been created by me Carol Renee after my Vintage Collage workshop on Friday may 1st. Well done ladies you created beautiful art work. !! i plan to do more Vintage Collage workshops so check the calender if you would like to attend one.